1. Christian Löffler
    Graal Müritz, Germany
  2. daisuke tanabe
  3. Sean Piñeiro
    Berlin, Germany
  4. Sieren
    Berlin, Germany
  5. Monokle
    Russian Federation
  6. Arp Aubert
    Hamburg, Germany
  7. Steffen Kirchhoff
    Weimar, Germany
  8. Aanbreken
    Hamburg, Germany
  9. Colo
    Hamburg, Germany
  10. Good Guy Mikesh
    Leipzig, Germany
  11. Fejká
    Stuttgart, Germany
  12. Aparde
  13. Stimming
    Hamburg, Germany
  14. hior chronik
    Athens, Greece
  15. NUMA
    Sololá, Guatemala
  16. Janus Rasmussen
    Reykjavík, Iceland
  17. Rosa Anschütz
    Berlin, Germany
  18. pølaroit
    Hanover, Germany
  19. Titus Waldner
    Leipzig, Germany
  20. Echoes from Venus
    Zürich, Switzerland
  21. von der haardt
    Berlin, Germany


Ki Records Greifswald, Germany

Ki is the Japanese word for tree "And like a tree the so titled label struck it’s roots deep into the soil of electronic Music". Ki build up a solid stem of international artists that grew along the way since the Label’s start. Ki Releases are diverse in sound and genre, but related in quality. Most of the Label's musicians are somewhat involved in many disciplines of art. ... more

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